Do I need to book in advance?

Yes! Spaces for the Crypto Curry Club and CCC events are limited capacity and food is only catered for a set number. Crypto Curries and CCC events usually sell out fast, and there is a waiting list if this happens. Please always book via the Eventbrite link!

If you wish to attend on the day of the event, please email hello@cryptocurryclub.com and we will see if we can fit you in.

At many events, name tags are given out on the day for everyone who has booked, and in some cases the venues’ reception or security have a list of expected attendees.

Is there a dress code?

No. Some events tend to be slightly more formal due to the nature of many attendees coming in work hours, whereas others such as Blockchain for Gaming are very informal.

True to the nature of emerging tech, everyone is very welcome in anything they feel comfortable in, jeans etc are just fine 🙂

Why do you charge for events?

  1. Events cost money to run, food, drinks, admin, marketing, and time. Other events are free to attend but are funded through charging speakers or by other ulterior motives, such as gaining clients or exposure for their own businesses. Many of the events that charge speakers don’t make this known to their attendees, marketing them as free informational events when in fact attendees spend their time listening to paid sales pitches. CCC Events doesn’t charge speakers, rather asking speakers based on their content and value. `There is no selling at CCC Events.
  2. Having a cost attached makes people value their time at CCC Events more than is often the case at free events.

Do you offer discounts?

No. CCC Events are priced modestly so that anyone working in relevant fields should be able to afford the ticket prices.

What are the benefits to attendees/ why do people attend?

People attend CCC Events for various reasons:

  • Business Development and Finding Clients
  • Learning/ Personal or Corporate Education
  • Networking and Relationship Building
  • Friendships
  • Working Partnerships between companies
  • Referrals
  • New Ideas, Keeping an Ear on the Ground for Innovation
  • Personal/ Professional Growth
  • Securing Investors or Investments
  • Recruitment – Filling and Finding Jobs

Can I speak at events?

We like to know and meet speakers before inviting them to speak at events, unless they come well recommended. We are open to meeting new speakers from all subject areas. Please email hello@cryptocurryclub.com with information of your experiences and subject you would like to talk about. Any talks must be purely content and of interest and value to attendees, not with a sales focus.

Partnership Enquiries

We are very open to partnership enquiries and have already agreed mutually beneficial partnerships with companies ranging from Brewdog to WeWork to Nano Ledger. Partnerships can range from hosting CCC Events, to providing food, drinks, tech or promotional goods to offer to CCC members, offering exposure to members and on social media.

Please email hello@cryptocurryclub.com with any partnership proposals.

Sponsorship Enquiries

CCC Events welcome sponsorship enquiries and partnerships and are flexible about such partnerships, such as drinks, food, marketing or PR help or money. In exchange, sponsors have access to the biggest network of senior leaders in emerging tech and blockchain in London and growing across the UK. Please email hello@cryptocurryclub.com for sponsorship enquiries.



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