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Nov 29, 2019

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Why attend CCC Events?

Crypto Curry Clubs, Blockchain Networks and other CCC Events attract the top industry experts, authorities and senior figures in their respective industries. Attendees are authors, government advisors, leaders in their field, founders of start-ups and scale-ups and C-suite and senior management of the largest and most important companies in tech, and global enterprises. You can be assured to meet the key decision makers, industry authorities and innovators in their respective industries.

CCC Events attract the most respected senior industry authorities and some of the finest speakers to speak at events and educational seminars on niche subjects within blockchain and emerging tech.

Some CCC Events, Crypto Curry Clubs outside of London and Blockchain Networks are open to anyone who wishes to come and learn more. Other events are by invitation or application only and some are exclusive, small closed groups where every attendee is hand picked to create a an intimate, curated group.

CCC events offer everything from private, invite-only networking and round table discussion lunches and dinners, evening talks and educational sessions open to all, to industry specific and niche workshops and seminars.

CCC Events including the Crypto Curry Clubs and Blockchain Networks invite many new speakers to each event, with different subjects discussed and debated at every event. Whilst there are many people and companies who come regularly, every event also attracts new attendees, so there will always be varied conversation. Attendees will always hear new content and engage in diverse debates and conversation at CCC Events, often learning from the most respected experts in their respective fields.

CCC Events are attended both by regular members but there are always new attendees to every event. By regularly attending CCC events on a monthly basis, you will meet hundreds of key, new people relevant to your industry every year.

CCC Events host personalised events, talks, workshops and seminars for companies who want to hear specific speakers, talks or meet with industry experts in blockchain and emerging tech, or who simply want to meet and be exposed to the latest and most innovative technologies and companies and projects and keep an ear on the ground in such a fast moving industry.

Such private events are organised for leadership teams, employees, companies’ clients, or for companies who want to host open events to help their perception as leaders in their fields. CCC Events will liaise directly with you to meet your requirements. Please contact us directly via the contact form or email hello@cryptocurryclub.com

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