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About the Crypto Curry Club and CCC Events

The Crypto Curry Club was started in October 2018 to bring together the key people working in blockchain in London. Since then the Crypto Curry Club has been the key event to foster relationships and partnerships between many of the top individuals and companies, from startups to global enterprises. We now have the biggest and most exciting community in London, Bristol and across the UK. As a result, many individuals and companies now consider the Crypto Curries the most important events to attend on a monthly basis. People and businesses attend Crypto Curry Clubs for their personal networks, business relationships and partnerships, as well building friendships with those leading the field in blockchain and emerging tech.

CCC Events offer key networking and educational events in blockchain, digital currency, fintech, gaming, tech for sustainability, and emerging tech in London, Bristol, Oxford, and Cambridge. CCC brings together the brightest minds and those working on the latest innovations in UK tech.

CCC events involve food, drinks, introductions, talks, discussions, networking, building and solidifying relationships and friendships. Many deals and business partnerships have been negotiated and closed, jobs filled, roles found and services rendered at or as a direct result of the Crypto Curry Club and CCC Events.

Who Attends?

The Crypto Curry Club is attended by founders and senior management of many of the most exciting and innovative blockchain and tech startups and scale-ups from London and the UK, Heads of Tech, Blockchain and Innovation from enterprises ranging from retail, FMCG, security, consumer goods, energy, oil and gas and tech giants, founders and senior management from blockchain and tech platforms, C-suite and senior figures from banks, fintech and payment processors, Partners of law firms, senior representatives from Government and innovation arms, Embassy representatives, economic advisors, VCs, investors and relevant service providers.

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